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June 4th, 2022

10am - 3pm

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Color Outside The Lines

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Help us purchase bundles that will include one 12-pack of skin tone crayons and one 24-pack of rainbow crayons for each student in the Madison, NJ Public School District.



Madison's First Families

From a revered federal judge to the young first Black Lead in the NYC Ballet production of The Nutcracker, our town has a rich Black history full of accomplishments, triumphs, and legacy that has shaped our present.

Our committee members have been conducting extensive research into some of these extraordinary lives. Click the button below to discover Madison's Hidden Figures.


Hidden Figures Community Event 2021


Community Event: Interviews


Artist's Pick Gallery

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Baseball Card - George D. Kelsey
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Baseball Card - Francis Sellers
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Baseball Card - Everett Kelsey
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Baseball Card - Don Newcombe
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Fabric Square - Bill Hagens
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Fabric Square - Don Newcombe
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Fabric Square - Bill Primus
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Poster - Charlotte Nebres
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Poster - Bill Primus
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2D Fabric Piece - Judge
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Collaborated 2D Fabric with Logo
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Diversity and representation have never been more important. The Little Diverse Library, started by two young girls in Madison, NJ is located just outside of the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. The library shares books with diverse authors, characters, and storylines with the community.

Our first Community Day Fundraiser saw the donation of over 40 books with diverse voices to this library. 

Learn more about the Little Diverse Library Project here.

little diverse library.jpg
Logo of Hidden Figures of Madison. Their Stories, Our History.

About Us

During the Summer of 2020, the Community Conversations group invited Madison, NJ citizens to gather and have the difficult but necessary dialogue needed when a spotlight was shining on one of the most egregious crimes of injustice in our nation. During one of the meetings, a community mural space was suggested, where Madison's citizens could continuously reflect, converse and consider the paths that led to what we witnessed. The refined mural project became the Hidden Figures of Madison. The Hidden Figures of Madison project vision is to create spaces where Madison, NJ residents can learn about their town from the perspective of the underrepresented ethnic groups who have added and continue to add to Madison's and our nation’s fabric. 

Spring 2021: The Hidden Figures of Madison project aims to shine a light on Madison’s community members’ untold stories through visual arts and literature created by the Madison Borough School District students. Bringing these stories to light through our students’ inspired work will help connect their stories to our history.


Who We are


Kenisha Tucker (Bonfield)

Co-founder and Lesson Coordinator

I am a native Jamaican and a naturalized American citizen who moved to Madison, NJ in 1990.  I was raised along with my two siblings Sharela and Kamur, by our grandmother Muriel Bonfield. I graduated from Madison High School in 1999. My husband, Rohan Sr. and I met at the Friendly’s, now the Haven Savings Bank on Main Street. After getting married and living in East Stroudsburg, PA for nine years, we returned to Madison, NJ in November of 2011, where we are now raising our five children (Ella, Rohan Jr., Lincoln, Logan, and Ava). I earned my BA degree cum laude in Science and Human Development degree with a Certification in Family, Child & School at New Jersey’s Montclair State University where I am continuing my studies at Montclair State University pursuing my MA in Reading with a Reading Specialist Certification.The vision for the Hidden Figures of Madison project was birth during the summer of 2020 when our nation heard one of the loudest cries for racial justice during my lifetime. I hope that the Hidden Figures of Madison project will be a platform for the untold stories in our history to be heard.


Sharela Coon-Bonfield

Co-Founder, Collaborating Artist, and Lesson Coordinator

I am a Jamaica-born, Brooklyn-based textile artist. I immigrated to the United States at the age of seven. I was raised by my grandmother, Muriel Louise Bonfield, who owned a seamstress shop in Jamaica before migrating to the United States. I was fortunate to have her sewing knowledge passed on to me. While attending Madison High School (Madison, New Jersey), I attended The Fashion Institute of Technologies Precollege programs in New York City. After graduating high school, I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD), majoring in Fiber Arts.In 2011, I moved to Brooklyn, where I began teaching artists through a two-year fellowship with the Joan Mitchell Foundation. I continue to teach with the Guggenheim’s Learning Through Art Program and Studio in a School. I have exhibited nationally and have worked in the permanent collection of the Fortune Society. I also participated in the First Friday Residency with the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. I use textile art as a catalyst to explore the ambiguities of language, popular culture, and race. I am intrigued with the intimacy of textiles; their texture, the grid of the weave, and the cultural roles of the medium.  My work often focuses on my perception of Americana as an immigrant woman of color. I use textile art to explore language, popular culture, and race as an immigrant woman of color.